How can freight rates be so high , and what are the reasons?
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There are five reasons why sea freight is so high

There are five reasons why sea freight is so high.

1. More goods

The epidemic situation abroad is not as fast as our China's control. The overseas productivity cannot keep up with the demand of the people, and has to expand imports from our country. The increase in domestic exports has resulted in a shortage of capacity.

2. Missing box

The boxes shipped out have no chance to be shipped back. In fact, there has been a serious shortage of containers since the beginning of the New Year. Although the container factory will increase production after the new year, due to the increase in export goods and the blockage of foreign ports, there is no way for the shipped containers to return back. This makes the domestic container market always "a box hard to find"  .

3. Backlog

Today I have a holiday, and tomorrow he will strike. The speed of collection and distribution at foreign ports has slowed down a lot due to the impact of the epidemic, but also because of the epidemic, the port’s cargo has also increased a lot, and the turnover rate of ships has decreased a lot, which further affects the on-time rate.  Resulting in a backlog of cargo in the port.

4. Artificial

The surge in demand has brought enough cards to shipping companies, and news that a quarter's revenue exceeds the previous ten years often occurs. The shipping company smiled evilly, and the shipping dragon king returned. 

5. All are rising

The prices of bulk commodities are rising, the prices of raw materials are also rising, and everything related to logistics is rising. The increase in freight rates should be unexpected.