About Aerobic exercise
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About Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise can improve our human health. At the same time, there are many ways to choose the one that suits you, and it is less intensive and easy to do. So what is aerobic exercise? What are the aerobic exercises? The benefits of aerobic exercise?

What is aerobic exercise?

1. Aerobic exercise is also called aerobic metabolic exercise, which refers to physical exercise performed by the human body under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply.

2. The benefits of aerobic exercise are: it can increase oxygen intake and better consume excess calories in the body. In other words, during exercise, the body's intake of oxygen is equal to its demand, reaching a physiological equilibrium state. Therefore, it is characterized by low intensity, rhythm, and long duration.

3. The time for each exercise is not less than 1 hour, and insist on 3 to 5 times a week. Through this exercise, oxygen can fully digest the sugars in the body, consume body fat, enhance and improve cardiopulmonary function, prevent osteoporosis, and regulate mental and mental states. It is the main exercise method for fitness.

What are the aerobic exercises?

Walking: The simplest and most direct and cost-free aerobic exercise program can be implemented by everyone, anytime, anywhere. It is simple and free, and it is good for the human body. Usually, you can walk more and just take two steps.

Jogging: Although jogging is boring and lasts a long time, it can exercise people's perseverance from another angle. Moreover, aerobic exercise is good for the human body. If you feel bored, you can try to jog with yourself and the people you like. I believe you will feel that a short time passes so fast.

Cycling: Cycling is definitely a good idea. Not only can you exercise, but you can also take a walk-and-go trip if you want.

Fitness dance: Fitness dance is a good news for grandpas and aunts. It can not only entertain, but also can effectively improve physical health. Why not do it.

Skating: If possible, skating is really suitable for young people to learn. It is very interesting to exercise and can arouse the fighting spirit of young people to some extent.

Basketball: Don't mistakenly think that basketball is anaerobic. In fact, it and football belong to aerobics, so don't worry about playing basketball.

The benefits of aerobic exercise.

1. Relieve stress: Exercise can eliminate tension and pressure. Gentle exercise can adjust mood, resolve bad emotions, has a cathartic function, can relieve psychological depression, forget worries, and can also bring physical and mental pleasure.

2. Lowering blood pressure: Studies have pointed out that after 10 weeks of exercise, the systolic blood pressure can be reduced by 10mmHg, and the diastolic blood pressure can be reduced by 5mmHg. New research shows that walking 4 times a day for 20 to 30 minutes each has the best blood pressure reduction effect.

3. Lose weight: walking can burn fat and reduce weight. Adding dietary regulation can reduce visceral fat, which is conducive to weight loss. Take a 45-minute walk after a meal, even for short distances. If a person eats food that contains a lot of fat and protein at night, and exercises the next morning, he can only consume the excess food, and most of the fat has been absorbed.

4. Improve vascular endothelial function: Studies have shown that exercise can improve vascular endothelial function, reduce blood dysfunctional cytokines, and prevent arteriosclerosis. Therefore, the above 6 items can prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, stroke and myocardial infarction.

5. Maintaining joint health: The key to maintaining joint health is to do specific exercises. The knee and elbow joints are the pivots. They can make our legs and arms move on a plane, just like doors and hinges. If the knee and elbow joints are stretched or rotated sideways, especially when force is applied, the surrounding ligaments will be strained. Simple walking, squatting, climbing stairs, and kicking are all effective for moving the knee joints. Walking and cycling are also good choices for people with knee pain, so that they can exercise without bearing weight.

6. Prevention of osteoporosis: Many people only know that they need to take more calcium, but they ignore other equally important factors, such as more weight-bearing exercise. The so-called weight-bearing exercise means that the body weight puts a certain amount of pressure on the bones during exercise. , Such as walking, running, playing ball, dancing, etc., can strengthen the bones and reduce the chance of fractures. It is generally recommended to carry out weight-bearing exercises three times a week, at least 15 minutes to half an hour each time, depending on your physical strength.

7. Increase the oxygen carrying capacity: The body's oxygen is supplied to the whole body with the blood. With the right amount of exercise, the body inhales a large amount of oxygen, which can help us reduce fatigue and eliminate stress at the same time.

8. Prevent diabetes: walking briskly for half an hour every day can reduce the risk of diabetes. Regular walks or other moderate-intensity exercises and diet changes can prevent type 2 diabetes in most patients with impaired glucose tolerance, and improve lifestyle is far more effective than metformin therapy. Therefore, walking can improve insulin sensitivity, which can effectively prevent diabetes and improve its effect.

9. Lower blood homocysteine: Studies have shown that blood homocysteine is one of the independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and exercise reduces the blood homocysteine level, which is beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. .

Summary: People in modern society are busy with work and neglect their own health. There are many methods of aerobic exercise, and it is important to choose the one that suits you and stick to it. Persistence is the most important thing in everything. As long as we persist for a long time, our body will be greatly improved!