Home use treadmill are safer than outdoor running
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Home use treadmill are safer than outdoor running

A news that is happening now caused me to think. A young woman lost  contact during an outdoor morning jog. It is now the third day. All those  who know about this are in attention. The 20-year-old girl is worried and  only hopes that she can return safely.

While praying, I think many people would like to say that if such an  accident can be predicted in advance, no matter how expensive it is, they  will choose to buy a treadmill. But in fact, Meparts home use foldable  treadmill is really affordable.

After thinking about it carefully, compared to buying a home treadmill,  outdoor running is really too insecure.

First of all, because the air is fresh, many people choose to run in the  morning. If this continues, in fact, sleep time is not enough.

Secondly, whether it is smog or car exhaust, it can really cause lung  disease.

The most important thing is safety. Many young people running alone.  Whether it is early morning or night, it is really too dangerous.

I hope this girl just stumbled and fell on her own, and she will return  safely tomorrow when she wakes up.

And hope when everyone pays attention to sports and fitness, they must  put their own safety in the first place.

I also hope that those who run outdoors can choose home treadmills  instead of it.